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Louis Riel and the Red River Metis Trail

Learn about the Red River Settlement and Manitoba's History,

  • 3 hr 30 min
  • From 75 Canadian dollars


The Louis Riel and the Red River Metis Trail Tour Starts where Winnipeg started ” Red River Settlement”, known today as Winnipeg. Winnipeg in the Cree Language means “Muddy Waters". The Story of Louis Riel and the Red River Metis is exclusively Manitoba’s history. I, myself being Red River Metis of Manitoba, this Tour is 100% percent a “Metis Cultural Experience”. Hear about the Red River Rebellion and what we once called Rupertsland also known today as Winnipeg, Manitoba. Louis Riel Negotiated Manitoba’s Rights into Canada Confederation, being the 5th province to join Canada. We will visit the resting place of Louis Riel at the St. Boniface Cathedral. Visit the St Boniface Museum, “the oldest building in Winnipeg” it’s packed with history and stories of the Red River Metis Peoples and so much much more, come join Experience. *Includes admission to St. Boniface Museum.

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